How will you build this intentional community?

These concepts cover the way you connect your why to your what; these are more than philosophical paradigms, they are long lineages of history and experimentation. Finding the concepts that resonate with you will help you branch out to find more resources and leaders who specialize in thinking about what you’re doing in the same way you think about what you’re doing.

  • Important Concepts To Keep In Mind
    • Outward Focus: direct group tension and thinking outward instead of inward.
    • Mutual-Aid: helping others should be central to the mission.
    • Permaculture: improve the land rather than degrading it.
    • Arcology: build dense and close, preserve surrounding ecology.
    • Resident Stewardship: take care of the land and its plants and animals.
  • Urban Theory: Important takeaways from thousands of years of thought and experimentation.
    • The Dunbar Number: How big is too big?
    • Human settlements are processes, not places.
    • The settlements of the future will look as different from the settlements of today as the settlements of today look from the settlements of yesterday.
  • Build a Community Library