Food Infrastructure

Food Infrastructure is one of the most important pieces of any intentional community. It is vital to the health and wellbeing of all members that adequate access to fresh, healthy food is provided. Building a resilient food system in your intentional community will take some planning and effort, but is incredibly rewarding in the end.

The resources here can help you think through the important considerations and a practical how-to guide for creating a food system that works for your community. We’ll cover topics such as responsible irrigation, avoiding pesticides, regenerative soil practices, growing through frost, cold frames and greenhouses, chicken tractors, and ways to store food.

Each step of the way it is important to remember that your community’s situation may differ from others in its implementation of food infrastructure. Finding the concepts that resonate with you will help you branch out to find more resources and leaders who specialize in thinking about what you’re doing in the same way you think about what you’re doing.