Why do you want to build an intentional community?

Why do you want to build an intentional community? Before you even start looking for land and start fundraising, it’s important to have a clear understanding of why you’re doing this project. It’s important to understand different perspectives from which to view the project and create a community.

Permaculture is one such perspective. Permaculture is an approach to agriculture that seeks to mimic natural ecosystems in order to reduce the need for outside inputs like fertilizer or chemical pest control. This is done by creating a polyculture of plants, animals, and fungi that form symbiotic relationships with each other and improve the soil structure as they grow and die.

Agroforestry is also an important perspective when thinking about building intentional communities. Agroforestry combines traditional farming techniques with forestry practices in order to maximize yields while minimizing environmental impact. By planting trees that produce food alongside more traditional crops, agroforestry seeks to increase yields while reducing water usage and protecting the soil from erosion.

Healing soil is also important when building intentional communities. Building a healthy, living soil is necessary for any kind of sustainable agriculture as it helps plants access essential nutrients and can help sequester carbon. But it also has the benefit of improving the overall health of the land in terms of its ability to absorb and retain water, suppress pests, and generally prevent erosion.

Self-transcendent perspectives are also critical to consider when building intentional communities. Self-transcendence refers to a spiritual perspective where one seeks to go beyond their current self-understanding and expand their understanding of themselves and their world. Self-transcendence can be accomplished through meditation or other spiritual practices that help one become more aware of themselves and the world around them.

Creating places for people who need a place is another important perspective when building intentional communities. This includes providing housing, employment opportunities, access to healthcare services, education services, and other necessities for those who need it the most. By providing these services to those in need, intentional communities can help ensure that everyone has access to a safe and healthy living space.

Ecotourism and proof of concept demonstrations are also important perspectives when building intentional communities. Ecotourism is the practice of visiting natural environments for recreational and educational purposes. By demonstrating how a sustainable community can function, ecotourism can help promote the idea of sustainable living and serve as a model for other communities.

Finally, anarchist and syndicalist perspectives are also important when building intentional communities. Anarchists believe that no government or authority should have power over an individual, while syndicalists believe in the power of unions to bring about social change. Both philosophies emphasize individual autonomy and freedom of choice, which are essential for creating a successful intentional community.

Overall, understanding why you want to build an intentional community is key to success. It’s important to consider all perspectives before starting the project, as each one will inform how you approach the project and what you choose to build. Different perspectives may even help you create a community that is more sustainable and balanced than if you had only followed one path.