Workshops and Crafts

Workshops and crafts are an essential part of any intentional community. The workshops and craftspeople are the backbone of the community, providing both the tools for daily life and the beautiful art to make it enjoyable. This section will provide a comprehensive overview of the different types of workshops and craftspeople one might encounter in an intentional community, as well as information on sourcing materials, building kilns, bioceramics, woodcraft, metalcraft, rope making, and other skills people need to build thriving communities.

The goal here is to provide practical information on how to create viable workshops and craftspeople in your own intentional community. We’ll look at some of the key concepts such as responsible sourcing of materials, sustainable practices for creating tools and furniture, as well as how to build forges and kilns that will last for generations. We’ll also give you tips on how to use recycled materials in your projects whenever possible. Finally, we’ll look at ways to incorporate the community into the workshops and craftspeople by having them help create tools and art which they can use in their everyday lives.


  • Building Your Infrastructure
    • Workshops and Crafts
      • Managing Tools
      • Wood Craft
      • Metal Craft
        • Building Forges
      • Ceramics
        • Sourcing Materials
        • Building Kilns
        • Bioceramics